Slanic Prahova - Unirea Salt-Mine

Unirea Salt-Mine Entrance
Slanic UNIREA Salt- mine entrance salt details

The UNIREA Salt-Mine from Slanic, Prahova is located just about 100 Km from Bucharest, Romania.

The mine was opened in 1938, and the exploration was started in 1943 and continued until 1970, when the mine  became a tourist attraction.

The salt-mine is 208 meters under the surface, and you can get there with two big elevators.

Unirea salt mine chamber, Slanic Prahova - Romania
The mine is made of 14 trapezoidal profile chambers with 10 meter ceiling, 32 meters floor wide and 54 meters height.

The level of humidity in minimum 10% lower than outside, and the high concentration of salt in the atmospheric air, is also benefic for the astmathic pacients, allowing them to breath almost normally
Slanic-Prahova: Tavanul de la intrare in salina
There are 12 degrees Celsius inside the mine constantly, independent by the surface temperature.
Genesis Hall  -salt museum - emperor Traian
one of the chambers is a salt museum named Genesis Hall :
there are two busts made of salt, that represent the Roman Emperor Traian and the Decebal, the king of Dacia (the ancient Romania).
Slanic Prahova - Romnia: The ceiling of the mine
chambers celing photo with wooden balconies

The ceiling of the mine is bordered by wooden balconies on the whole perimeter, used for the periodical inspection of the stability of the surfaces from the superior zone of the mine construction.
The zones with uncertain stability are delimited at the base of the mine, being closed for the public access.


Salt picture (inside Unire salt mine)
Unrefined salt is a dietary mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride.
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